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Our worship is our witness.  That is clearly seen with Paul and Silas as they worshipped in prison.  (Acts 16) We also looked at the lives of Fannie Lou Hamer and Tony Dungy.  Our worship is unto God but it …Read More

When studying history, I have found it helpful to use a symbol that is representative of the subject matter.  Hans Holbein’s picture, "The Ambassadors," is the symbol that helps me summarize what The Renaissance was about. As you look at …Read More

  We are all renaissance people.  In America, the question is, "Which one?"  First, you have what is known as The Renaissance.  Which is more accurately called, "The Italian or European" Renaissance.  And then there is The Harlem Renaissance which …Read More

Englewood and Aurora had different worship experences this weekend.  If you were present at either one, God did some amazing things. Would you just take time to share what your experience was?

I just finished Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy.  He led the Colts to a Super Bowl championship in 2007 and in the process became the first African-American coach to earn such a win.  Simply put, Quiet Strength is a spiritual …Read More

Here’s a quote by James McClendon Jr., Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Fuller Theological Seminary about the importance of jazz. "Yet beneath and behind this so-called popular American music, generated as inevitably as a great city’s powerhouse generates unwanted urban …Read More

Robert Webber said it best, "Worship is a verb."  He points out that Hebrew & Greek do not have a word for worship but only words to describe what we do when we worship.  The meaning of the two primary …Read More

I just learned about this cool site for those of you in the Denver area (also available in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington). It’s (click here) It allows you to listen live or at your leisure–they archive …Read More

Langston Hughes was a giant of the renaissance (Harlem, that is).  This was his first published poem which he wrote when he was only a junior in high school.  Simply amazing… I’ve known rivers: I’ve known rivers ancient as the …Read More

I’m adding a new dimension to this blog.  Up until now it has primarily been focused on working out the contours of a jazz-shaped fatih.  That will continue to be the primary topic.  Howerve, beginning this weekend, it will also …Read More