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Building a jazz music library has to do with personal tastes while keeping an eye on history.  On the one hand, jazz is about tradition.  Being aware of who has done what and learning to appreciate the different eras of …Read More

Tonight is our seventh and final week of our time together.  When I first started thinking about what it would be like to get together in a church and listen to great jazz and allow it to serve as a …Read More

I really wish those of you who read this blog outside of Denver could have been present for this weeks session of Discover the Gospel in Jazz. Henry Butler was amazing!  His musical ability, vocals and presence is astonishing.  For …Read More

This Wednesday night we will have our sixth session of Discover the Gospel in Jazz.  This has been an absolute blast as The Upper Room has been filled for some great music and fun conversation about the good news of …Read More

Time comes to an end for this supreme keeper of time.  Here’s a link to Drummerworld’s story about the legend (click here). (Gary the Flan has some thoughtful words about Max as well…just click on his name under recent comments …Read More

I just finished Ed Gilbreath’s Reconciliation Blues.  There have been many books on reconciliation over the years and Ed’s work stands tall among them.  As a pastor of a multi-ethnic church with a passion for the Body of Christ to …Read More

Dave LeMieux and the House of Soul will take the stage tonight.  Incarnation and Resurrection in Jazz:  Developing Your Ear will be the topic under discussion.

In a previous post we discussed what it means to be a Practicing Christian (click here).  What are the practices of a practicing Christian?  Or "How would you finish the following sentence:  A practicing Christian… The difficulty with the concept, …Read More

Hermeneutics–the art and science of Biblical interpretation. We need this approach to scripture but it needs to be balanced with a "jazzaneutic." That is… …the art of knowing the scriptures by living them and experiencing them in community. …the willingness …Read More

This week we welcome Andy Nevala and the unique sounds and syncopations of latin jazz. The jazz theologian will lead a discussion on The Living Word in Jazz:  Finding Your Voice. Until then, stay in the groove, robert