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Alabama, is a song Coltrane composed after listening the the rhythms of Martin Luther King Jr’s sermon eulogizing the four young girls killed in the bombing of a church in Birmingham.

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For those of you who were present…What did the Lord say to you?  Is there anything that has stuck in your mind? Don’t forget your homework–Apply Call & Response, syncopation and improvisation to your walk with God and how you …Read More

Tonight, in The Upper Room, we will enjoy the soulful sounds of Chris Lang and company.  He will set the stage for us to look at Mystery in Jazz.  The gospel of Christ is a mystery revealed but that doesn’t …Read More

Wynton Marsalis’ Green Chimneys on his album, "Live at the House of Tribes," is one of my all time favorite performances.  Sometimes it is the only song I’ll listen to for days at a time.  Every time you try to …Read More

Read the Denver Post article, Trashing the Truth (here)   or see the four day documentary (here)

Opening night!  Session one of Discovering the Gospel in Jazz is Wednesday night, as we welcome Nelson Rangell. The concepts presented in class can be discussed on this blog beginning Thursday morning…I’ll try and post some pictures as well. Stay …Read More

Reflections of a Jazz Theologian Live!  Only 17 14 8 seats left.  Sold Out! Because demand has been so high we are going to operate the Upper Room at capacity.  So instead of 200 seats there are 250 (242 are …Read More

We celebrate our 60th placement! Project 127 Lord willing, the day is coming when there will be no children waiting for homes in Colorado’s foster care system.  If only the church will seek pure and faultless religion.

There is a "tragicomedy" in repentance, as well.  The ancient writer, "Fenelon, says that we need to make sure that our sin leads us to repentance, which will lead us into the Father’s loving care.  When people struggle with persistent …Read More