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A little over a week ago I gathered my children around the table and said, "You’re not going to believe what happened last night, Jesus lost a foot,  a hand and one of his arms!"  They were predictably shocked. West …Read More

I am grateful to have been invited to speak to The Next Level Church tonight.  God has used this fellowship to spur many on toward an authentic relationship with Christ.  I’ve been asked to speak about one of my favorite …Read More

Colfax–The longest street in America. The Denver Post produced an informative and interactive guide to this historic stretch of asphalt:  The Colfax Story

Wynton Marsalis’ Green Chimneys on his album, "Live at the House of Tribes," is one of my all time favorite performances.  Sometimes it is the only song I’ll listen to for days at a time.  Every time you try to …Read More

Pearls Before Breakfast

Here’s the jazz connection in all of this. How do we find unity in the body of Christ?  Some say, city-wide prayer summits and worship services.  Other churches have formal partnerships with other fellowships and swap pastors occasionally.  I have …Read More

It’s not hard for a local church to do something! Hope for Orphans, a ministry of Family Life, has taken on the task of resourcing the bride of Christ when it comes to orphan care.  I have had the privilege …Read More

If God is the Father then who is the mother?  Nineteen thousand children "age out" of the foster care system in America each year.  That is, they turn 18 not knowing who will take them off to college or walk …Read More

No more Limbo?  The Pope is putting an end to the Catholic theological hypothesis of Limbo.  For years the Catholic church has wrestled with what happens to unbaptized infants after they have died.  Their reasoning has been:  Hell?  No.  Purgatory? …Read More

I’m writing a book!  (Actually, two books…) I am grateful to my wife, friends, an incredible group of literary agents (Wolgemuth and Associates) and Zondervan for encouraging, supporting and believing in me. I’ll be writing about the implications of jazz …Read More