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Professor and prolific author, Robert Webber, died Friday at 6:10 PM (Eastern time) in his wife, Joanne’s arms, after his 8 month battle with pancreatic cancer. "Depart, O Christian soul, out of this world; in the name of God the …Read More

“Ornette Coleman once said that when the band is playing with the drummer, it’s rock and roll, but when the drummer is playing with the band, it’s jazz.” 

"Jazz, then, breaks with Western convential thinking, denying the distinctions between composer and performer, creator and interpreter, composer and arranger, soloist and accompanist, artist and entertainer, even soloist and group.  In jazz, it is the activity itself that is as …Read More

Check out her official website.

"Is there anything so secular that it can’t be sacred?" That’s a quote from Ruth Naomi Floyd, a Christian jazz artist that I’d like to introduce to you this week. Here’s a great article about her and her manager/producer Keith …Read More

The church is not a leaderless organization.  We have a head who has established the way of life for the people of the way.  Christ leads and guides his church through the Spirit.  This is why the church (universal) is …Read More