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A blog and a book… Look who was just published…thepostmodernegro! If you’ve never checked out Anthony Smith’s blog he’s worth reading (though I wished he wrote more often…daily would be nice).  He can be found at Musings of a Postmodern …Read More

This Friday I’ll be in Harrisburg, PA speaking at the Atlantic Conference for the Brethren in Christ.  This group of Christians desire to transform their communities with Christ.  The conference is called, "Taking It To The Streets."  A phrase I …Read More

One-Note-Wonders Jazz icon Sydney Bechet once gave the following instructions to a fellow musician, “I’m going to give you one note today…See how many ways you can play that note—growl it, smear it, flat it, sharp it, do anything you …Read More

I prayed.  I studied.  I had anxiety attacks.  I couldn’t figure out what to say.  Then through an odd set of circumstances, I happened upon an idea–donkeys.  I could talk about the donkeys of the Bible and draw application from …Read More

After much time in the scriptures and many a sermons in which I underlined every verse my pastor preached I was ready to start experimenting, risking, and searching for my own voice. When I was a freshman in high school, …Read More

I remember how it happened for me.  It began with me asking my Grandmother for a Bible shortly after I gave my life to Christ at the age of nine.  It was a NIV Thomson Chain and it is still …Read More

It’s a family affair.  The excitement builds as we eat dinner.  How do we think the contestants will do?  Who should go home?  Who will win? We love American Idol! The only down side is elimination night.  Oh, the tears …Read More

CT has a nice article on the continuing impact of John Perkins.  He is a magnificent man and I believe that history will show the he was one of America’s most influential Christians.  A strong evangelical voice with a heart …Read More

There have been accusations againt Obama that he is not black (enough) and that he does not have claim to the African-American experience because is an African who is American (or so the argument goes)…click here for a previous post …Read More

Just a book this week… The Wrong Men:  America’s Epidemic of Wrongful Death Row Convictions by Stanley Cohen.  I have felt a deep burden for those who are wrongfully convicted in our justice system for a long time.  I’ve read …Read More