A blog and a book… Look who was just published…thepostmodernegro! If you’ve never checked out Anthony Smith’s blog he’s worth reading (though I wished he wrote more often…daily would be nice).  He can be found at Musings of a Postmodern Negro. This innovative thinker is now a published author. He wrote a chapter in a…

This Friday I’ll be in Harrisburg, PA speaking at the Atlantic Conference for the Brethren in Christ.  This group of Christians desire to transform their communities with Christ.  The conference is called, "Taking It To The Streets."  A phrase I use a lot as well for I believe that church is what happens when you…

One-Note-Wonders Jazz icon Sydney Bechet once gave the following instructions to a fellow musician, “I’m going to give you one note today…See how many ways you can play that note—growl it, smear it, flat it, sharp it, do anything you want to it.” There are so many notes in the scriptures that you can’t learn…

I prayed.  I studied.  I had anxiety attacks.  I couldn’t figure out what to say.  Then through an odd set of circumstances, I happened upon an idea–donkeys.  I could talk about the donkeys of the Bible and draw application from their lives to ours.  Bear with me, as a sixteen year old, it sounded like…

Robert Gelinas

Robert Gelinas

"For more information visit: Jazztheologian.com

Robert Gelinas is Lead-Pastor (and resident Jazz Theologian) of Colorado Community Church—a multi-cultural, interdenominational community of 3000+ followers of Christ in the Denver area.

Author of Finding the Groove: Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith (Zondervan) and the upcoming, Strange Fruit: The Cross as a Way of Life (2011).

Founder of Project 127, a ministry dedicated to seeing the day when there are no children waiting for homes in Colorado's foster care system. Robert deeply desires to see the body of Christ mobilized to serve the least of these. The poor, the down and out, the disenfranchised and disabled, those deemed unimportant and the unborn. He believes that God loves all people yet he has a special heart for the poor and the poor in spirit, the miserable and the marginalized.

A Contributing Editor for Leadership Journal and Urbanfaith.com.

He acquired a B.A. in Bibilcal Studies from Colorado Christian University and a Master of Arts in World Christianity (Missiology) from Denver Seminary.

Robert is married to the love of his life, Barbara, and they have six energetic children (3 boys & 3 girls--one bio, five adopted--two from Ethiopia).

Friend of God...Passionate about the Body of Christ...Lover of this thing called jazz!

Please visit Jazztheologian.com for contact info., speaking schedule, videos, Facebook and Twitter.

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