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Here is Miles Davis and Marcus Miller performing one of my all time favorites–Tutu.  Enjoy. Ralph Ellison said that, "…as blues-beset as life may be, the real secret is somehow to make life swing, to survive by staying in the …Read More

What’s a jazz theologian?  Let’s divide and conquer. What is jazz? Most people think of jazz as music, I think that it is more than music.  Music happens to be the realm in which most of us recognize it but …Read More

This blog has had a lot of new readers as of late and the most asked question that I am recieving is, "What is a jazz theologian?" One good way to familiarize yourself with some of the concepts would be …Read More

It’s only in the early planning stages but for those of you in the Denver area, "Reflections of a Jazz Theologian Live!" is coming soon. For seven weeks this summer (starting mid July) on Wednesday evenings we will discover the …Read More

An nonagenarian who’s very Don To Earth…An Invitation to a Journey…And one of Wynton’s best. Blog of the Week:  If you have not discovered the blog of Donald Crowdis you will soon see why many make it a regular read.  …Read More

Debra Dickerson made the case that Barack Obama is not really black (see the column here at  Dickerson, author of "The End of Blackness," recently appeared on the Colbert Report.  It’s hard to know what to say about it.  …Read More

If you have your ears on you can hear that this blog now has a soundtrack.  I’ve been experimenting with the different music widgets that Typepad is offering and I think that I finally found one that works for me.  …Read More

Sorry I haven’t been responding to emails and comments for a few days…I even missed Blog/Album/Book of the Week (I’ll resume that on Friday). I had the honor of speaking at the Youth For Christ Midwinter conference.  The YFC team …Read More

So that’s what I’ve learned by looking up at old church bells.  Perhaps, what we are discovering is that we need a theology of worship that matches what we believe worship to be. If we believe that the church should …Read More

What if today, the whole worship service is the ringing of the bell–the call to worship? What if people are so pressured and exhausted that when they arrive in the pews (on time I might add) they are in no …Read More