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This weeks Blog, Album and Book of the week includes action figures, a classic and a book with an an interesting question…

James Lucas in his book, "Knowing the Unknowable God:  How Faith Thrives on Divine Mystery," calls it the shocking truth.  What is it? God is still hiding things from us and this creates mystery and tensions for us that we …Read More

The kingdom of God is about mystery.  It is about a God who has purposely hid that which is most vital to life. There is a reason Jesus calls us to "seek" the kingdom.  It isn’t that it is lost, …Read More

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the side columns of my blog.  Up until now I have had a typical blogroll where I list some of my favorite blogs.  The only problem is that there are …Read More

I can’t believe what turned up at the used book store the other day.  "Simple’s Uncle Sam" by Langston Hughes.  The store knows to call me if any title arrives by Ellison or Hughes.  They called and I dropped what …Read More

Nunc Dimittis is the last of the original Christmas Carols that were sung around the time of the birth of Christ. "Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you now dismiss your servant in peace.  For my eyes have seen your …Read More

If we can understand what the angels were doing than we can BE angels too! The passage clearly says that they were proclaiming the gospel. "Do not be afraid.  I bring you good news (gospel) of great joy that will …Read More

The Gloria (Lk. 2.14).  This third original song of the season also has some jazzitude.  But in order to see it we need to ask the right questions. Hermeneutics seeks to discover meaning in what is being said.  Jazzaneutics sees …Read More

The Benedictus If Mary resembles Billy Holiday then Zechariah is more like Nat King Cole.  The Benedictus (Lk. 1.67-79) at it core is a love song in which old Z sings about how "Unforgettable" his God is.  The first word …Read More

Improvisation in the Magnificat I am mesmerized by the Magnificat.  How did Mary master the skills of improvisation at such an early age?  Jazz singers take old songs and standards and make them new–that is exactly what Mary was doing…