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Dr. Luke never met Jesus.  So when he wrote his Gospel he had to interview those who were first hand witnesses.  (Lk. 1.1-4)  As he spoke with Mary the mother of Jesus, John the Baptists father, the shepherds and Simeon, …Read More

Have you noticed? It has been a little over a year since the displaced residents of New Orleans began arriving in our home towns all around the nation.  We have put them up in our homes, welcomed them in our …Read More

I just saw Catch A Fire.  If it’s still playing in your area go and see it!

  If you love the Hammond B-3 organ then you must hear Brother Jack McDuff.  He is one of the most obvious links between jazz and the church.  Drawing upon the soul of the saints and one of the halmark …Read More

When posted my entry below I had no idea…may he rest in peace.

If you are wanting to learn about jazz in a fun and unique way, check out Ed Bradley’s JazzCast. On a weekly basis, Ed Bradly does a radio show that you can listen to on NPR or listen on line …Read More

Syncopating the scriptures… "I am…I am…I am."  Jesus set us up with that bass line each time finishing it a different way but then he adds a surprise on his final use of the phrase in John 15. "I am …Read More

Syncopating the scriptures… Let’s see what happens when we search for the off beat in the Gospel of John.  One of the main beats that John built in to the telling of the life of Jesus was the "I Am" …Read More

Swing is one of the halmarks of jazz.  It is what gives the music life and momentum, it is what causes your toe to tap and your head to nod.  This is accomplished through what is known as syncopation–accenting the …Read More