The Jazz Theologian

I’m turning the "comment" function off on both of my blogs…at least for now. 


  • I find myself having more meaningful conversations with those who email me, so feel free to continue to contact me that way, I do enjoy the dialogue.
  • There are some blogs that operate as a community.  Perhaps it’s because of existing "real life" relationships that exist; or, because of what we know of the author.  I haven’t even revealed who I am in normal life on this blog nor do most people who know me even know that I have a blog.  Even though I get a fair amount of daily hits to this site, I’m not ready to take the next step…though that time will come.
  • I find myself participating less in conversations on other people’s blogs when I expect them to take place on mine.  I want to interact more with your ideas and what you are thinking about.

Now let’s get back to Facing Race…

Stay in the groove,


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