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Race is a tension that has been introduced into our culture that is wrought with internal conflict.  The effects are deeply psychological. There is a video worth watching that drives the point home.  It’s called, "A Girl Like Me," and …Read More

Race is inherent to the American experience.  The next season of Survivor is going to divide the teams up according to race.  Most people attend churches and live in neihborhoods that resemble their ace.  The price of a private adoption …Read More

To talk about jazz is to talk about race.  To choose a jazz based faith is to face race head on and to let it’s questions and tensions fuel one’s faith.  A jazz based faith is not a race dominated …Read More

It’s that time of year again.  The 2006 Black Weblog Awards are in the final stage of voting.  There are finalist in a number of categories.  I am familiar with two of them and, in my opinion, they are worthy …Read More

"Call and Response" are hallmarks of jazz because it was incubated in the black church. Preacher calls and congregation responds…horn calls and piano responds…Langston Hughes calls and Ralph Ellison responded. Langston Hughes wrote his famous poem, "Harlem:  A Dream Deferred" …Read More

In the prologue of Invisible Man, the narrator seeks light in his darkness by iluminating his hole with 1369 light bulbs.  The number is a tribute the the year 1936.  That was when he moved to New York City and …Read More