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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post…I’ve been doing a little traveling and speaking, but now I’m back to my normal life. A final quote (for now) from "Invisible Man" and a question that I’d like your …Read More

Ralph Ellison shows us that jazz is more than music.  His novel, "Invisible Man," is a jazz text.  As a jazz musician, he decided to see if jazz could exist in another medium–Eureka!  Most jazz compositions begin with an opening …Read More

Red, White and Blues On Independence Day I bought some slow gin and celebrated with Ralph Ellison. In Ralph Ellison’s, "The Invisible Man," the narrator was fond of eating a special desert while listening to Louis Armstrong sing, "What Did …Read More

Ralph Ellison was a jazz trumpeter and lover of jazz in general.  It was Ellison who said that "American life is jazz-shaped."  He then went on to demonstrate this when he wrote, "The Invisible Man."  Ellison wrote a lot about …Read More