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Ensemble Community has a variety of assumptions. When somebody shows up at a jam session it is assumed that they have an instrument and that they have spent a lot of alone time honing their chops.  There are Jazz Standards …Read More

What is Christian community?  Normally we only define it in terms of the present–who are the people that we know, worship and pray with.  If we get radical, we also realize that community is not just about who we know …Read More

Jazz and Christianity are communities of the past, present and future. Not to long ago I went and heard my favorite horn player, Hugh Ragin–he’s an amazing person and artist.  He’s been rehearsing his current band a lot and they …Read More

Ann Pederson, Associate Professor of Religion at Augustana College makes the following observations about jazz and community as she draws upon the work of Paul F. Berliner: "Paul F. Berliner’s Rich Study of the jazz community includes a chapter entitled …Read More

Community is essential to being a Christian…but what is it?  Is it being in a small group at your church?  Is it having significant relationship with others?  Is it the people who live in your same geographic space? How we …Read More

I just added a list of "Jazz Links."  Just scroll down and you can find them at the bottom of the right hand column.

“Let’s talk about Jazz…There is no such thing as jazz improvisation without a jazz musician who knows already what the score is, who understands the bass line, who knows the melody, and who has spent lots of time and energy …Read More