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Creativity is born out of tension.  Jazz came about when a group of people had to live as "unfree in a free land."  That’s tension!  But tension sets the stage for creativity and creativity leads to Tertia Quid–The Third Way.

I sometimes feel like the apostle Paul in Ephesians 5 when he spend considerable time talking about marriage only to say that he is not talking about marriage. I talk a lot about race and life on the hyphen because …Read More

Moses understood what it meant to live life on the hyphen.  We aren’t sure when it happened but some where along the way he found out that he wasn’t who he thought he was.  Being the child of a Hebrew …Read More

The Gospel reconciles us to God and each other.  All too often we build churches on half of the gospel—the me and God half.  Recently, Bill Hybels has undergone this second conversion and is speaking rather candidly. 

If we are going to fully incorporate the Gospel in our life then we need an additional conversion.  Not one for salvation, but one that shows that salvation has arrived in our lives.  This “second conversion” occurs when we awaken …Read More

Ray Bakke calls it the "second conversion."  Malcolm X called it a "Psychic Conversion."  It is what happens when we realized that we are not just individuals but also part of a group.  It occurs when we realize that our …Read More

James Cone, the father of Black Theology, also indicts the Christianity of this land.  In 1999, he took 21st century descendents of slaves to task, in his book "Risks of Faith." (p111) "Our church is an impostor, because we no …Read More