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It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to describing the culture in which we are immersed.  We are as much Modern as we are Post-modern.  Modernity has taken root as it pertains to urbanization, economics, individualism and …Read More

If we are going to reach our nation we must understand it.  If we are going to make the gospel accessible to every person in a wholistic and culturally relevant way, then we have some hard work to do so …Read More

Domestic—Indigenous to a particular country Missiology—The study and practice of Christian mission American Christians need a Domestic Missiology!

I’m not a lover of Coltrane’s music; truthfully, I find it a bit annoying .  So why do I find myself listening to it all the time?  Specifically his signature album, A Love Supreme.  Recorded in 1964, seven years after …Read More

A break from Coltrane to tell you about a blog you are going to want to be familiar with. It’s a prophetic urban Christian voice of faith, action and imagination. Check it out…make it your home page…read it often! …Read More

It was a sound, a droning sound unlike anything he had heard. God met him, revealed Himself to Coltrane through a resonance. “It was so beautiful,” he told his wife as he hopelessly tried to reproduce it on a piano. …Read More