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I started this series of posts on Coltrane but my real life has me a bit busy. Sorry. I should be back to the blogosphere soon. Coltrane is a fascinating man who had a God-experience in 1957 that changed his …Read More

Let’s talk some Trane…John Coltrane. Talented…struggler…and spiritual seeker. There’s even a church named after him. ( Over the next few posts we’ll talk about his music, his demons and what he might teach us about a jazz approach to spiritual …Read More

Have I read “Blue Like Jazz?” No. Donald Miller seems like a wonderful man. I’ve skimmed his book (especially the chapter on “Penguin Sex”) and can tell that Miller is extremely creative and a wonderful writer. The reason why I …Read More

Since starting Reflections of a Jazz Theologian, I have received two questions frequently, mostly in private emails. Have I read, “Blue Like Jazz?" And, “Who am I?” The answer to the former is "No." The answer to the latter is, …Read More

Forever they sat in perfect communion and conversation. Somewhere in eternity past a triune desire came into being…to fill the empty spaces around the table. The second member of the Godhead rose from his seat only to return with a …Read More

In the background one can faintly see a hill, tree and house. Some say the hill represents the journey & trials of life; the tree symbolizes the life that comes from the death and sacrifice of the journey; and the …Read More

God the Father, sitting on the left, lifts his hand, blessing the Son. God the Son, sits center, two fingers pointing toward the Spirit. The Father sends the Son, the Son sends the Holy Spirit. All one, distinct yet equal. …Read More

Created in the 15the century, Rublev’s Icon is based upon the obscure story of Abraham and the three visitors by the oak of Mamre. Drawing upon that revelation of God, Rublev undertook to capture the mystery of the Trinity in …Read More