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Haiku 3 lines Lines One and Three have five syllables, Line Two has 7 syllables No rhyming, similes, metaphors or narration. Usually about nature or a moment. I’m not that proficient at these but I’d thought I take a shot …Read More

Whitney Balliett said that jazz is… “The Sound of Surprise.”

Ray Charles has an answer to what jazz is…he once released a jazz album entitled… Genius + Soul = Jazz

If we are going to talk jazz theology then we must first ask, "What is jazz?" Complete the sentence, "Jazz is…"

"If the classical approach to theology has been called ‘the queen of sciences,’ the jazz approach to theology could be called the ‘queen of the arts.’ The latter investigates God’s dealing with people in the joys and trails of daily …Read More

Ellis puts it this way, “…God is not just classical. God is jazz. Not only does he have an eternal and unchanging purpose, but he is intimately involved with the difficulties of sparrows and slaves. Within the dynamic of his …Read More

We need Classical Theology. Carl Ellis points out its importance.“Like classical music, the classical approach to theology comprises the formal methods of arranging what we know about God and his world into a reasoned, cogent and consistent system. Classical theology …Read More

I have read Carl Ellis’ book, Free At Last?: The Gospel in the African-American Experience, at least once a year for almost a decade now. Save the scriptures, Free at Last?, has influenced my life and ministry more than any …Read More

“The word improvisation derives from the Latin im + provisus, meaning “not provided” or “not forseen.”

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink, tells of a time when he attended a show for an improv comedy group. “They would get up onstage, without any idea whatsoever of what character they would be playing or what plot they would …Read More