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A few years ago, Rosa Parks was at the church of which I am a part. She was standing in our lobby, along with about 20 other people, when she said, "I’m tired, could I take a seat." I ran …Read More

So why all this time spent on timing and precision? It determines how we approach God. Jazz is not against timing and precision, but jazz deals with time differently. "In a jazz performance, while every bar of music should take …Read More

So we know that precision is neccessary…especially when it comes to a fine German automobiles. We also desire precision in our relationship with the Lord…wrong thinking about God is a guarantee of wrong living before God. So how do we …Read More

Many of us have heard that the goal of biblical interpretation is precision, that is, to determine the original meaning of the text. What an impossible task! I remember the first time I taught the scriptures after taking an hermeneutics …Read More

"In particular, for better or worse, three features of modern clock time decisively shape our lives and our thinking." writes Os Guiness. Feature One: Precision–All of humanity needs to measure time, but with the move from using the the sun …Read More

Most often we state the quality of our relationship with God in terms of precision and exactness. "How is your prayer life?" Munutes! I usually think of my relationship with God in terms of minutes. Did I pray more minutes …Read More

One of the major differences between classical and jazz theology has to do one’s relationship to accuracy. It’s been called the "heresy of exactness," by Brad Braxton and the "tyranny of time" by Os Guinness. Whatever you call it, it …Read More