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Buddy Bolden was a little crazy. New Orleans was a disaster waiting to happen. The Big Easy was anything but easy, though it was very unique setting of pain diversity, and depth. Many say that Buddy Bolden was the father […]

"Jazz evolved hand in glove with American culture…it is essentially an African-American musical phenomenon that evolved out of the unique historical, cultural, and social currents of eighteenth- and ninteenth-century New Orleans. The factors that underlie its emergence are many, but […]

In light of the last post on “What is IT?” Perhaps a better question is, “Who is IT?” Grammy award winner, Wynton Marsalis tells this story about “IT“ “Now, my younger brother Ellis couldn’t understand all this fuss about jazz. […]

Just the other night I was part of a group. Young and old. Rich and poor. Black, Latino & white. Farmer types and Hip-Hop. I was at a local jazz club. What is IT about jazz that produces this kind […]

Ensemble "A unit of complementary parts that contribute to a single effect. From the French meaning ‘together.’ From the Latin, meaning ‘at the same time.’" ( In jazz one needs an ensemble. What about theology?

Essential reading for the Jazz Theolgian. This book is for anyone who wants to see a master Jazz Theologian at work. Carl Ellis is the President of Project Joseph ( and seeks to bring reformation and renewal to the church. […]

Here’s a sample of "So What," the first track off of Miles Davis’ landmark jazz album, Kind Of Blue. What differences do you hear between Ellington & Davis?

Here’s an example of jazz, pre-Kind Of Blue… Duke Ellington–I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good. What do you think?

"Kenny G is an acoustic musician who plays the soprano saxophone, the instrument identified with Sidney Bechet and John Coltrane, two of the icons of jazz history." (Jazz 101, John Szwed, p21) I don’t think that Kenny G is a […]

Kenny G. He’s played with Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, Aretha and Grover Washington Jr. He holds the world record for the longest note ever played on a saxaphone…over 45 minutes! But is Kenny G jazz, classical or something else? Why […]