ISIS has claimed “responsibility” for the two gunmen shot down in Garland, Texas, on Sunday.

One wonders why, since the pair failed miserably in their attempt to kill some of the crowd at the event. Why crow about abject failure?

As many Muslims have already pointed out: all their attempt did was call international attention to an event that should have been allowed to remain in obscurity.

It’s one thing to use a cartoon or caricature to make a political point (as did the publication in France); it’s another to purposefully incite negative reaction with a “contest” designed just to tempt a couple of idiots to do something crazy.

Most of us, however, are aware that the underlying purpose of the sponsoring organization, Stop Islamization of America, is to incite violence by Muslims against non-Muslims — and we just ignore ’em. Too bad the guys from Phoenix weren’t as politically savvy: they gave SIOA its fondest wish last weekend.

Here’s more: Texas Attacker Left Trail of Extremist Ideas on Twitter

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