Islam In America

The following is courtesy of Travel Industry Today, a Canada-based organization:

“The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is asking Delta Air Lines to take action after an employee threatened to remove a Muslim family from a Detroit-bound flight when another passenger harassed the mother over her head-covering.

“The Washington-based civil rights group says the Arab-American family was aboard the plane Monday preparing to leave Fort Lauderdale for Detroit when a passenger berated the hijab-clad woman and her four children, saying, ‘This is America.’

“The group says a Delta employee took no action against the harassing passenger, instead telling the woman and children to change seats. It says the employee refused to listen to the husband and told the wife she’d ‘better be quiet’ or they’d be kicked off the plane.

“Delta says it ‘doesn’t condone discrimination of any kind’ and is investigating.”

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