Islam In America

flag_al-shababIt’s hard for Westerners of whatever religion to fathom, but some self-described Islamic extremist rebels from Somalia (who go by the sobriquet al-Shabab) are at it again.

They attacked a bus in northern Kenya Saturday (22 November 2014) and shot 28 non-Muslims. Reports say they killed those who could not recite the Shahada.

There are a few problems with this news report, not the least of which is how 28 non-Muslims could be unaware of the wording of the Shahada — but it seems to fit the pattern.

Kenya raids mosques in search of extremists. In retaliation, Al-Shabab rebels kill bus passengers in Kenya. In retaliation, Kenya raids the Somali camps and kills rebels….. And the beat goes on.

(Image of the flag of Al-Shabab is in the public domain)

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