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In the first post, the question was raised whether a better future can be imagined out of the dire situation we find ourselves in.  At the present moment we rely on science to answer our deepest questions. But science isn’t […]

Deepak examines our common conception of identity — what we refer to as “I” — and recognizes that our everyday version of selfhood is refers to our sensory experiences, thoughts or feelings it has attached to. If the attachment to […]

Since it is based on the Greek word for stealing, the term “kleptocracy” sounds inflammatory. But as income gaps open up wider and wider, there is evidence of a serious rift in American democracy, and in that rift one finds […]

Type 2 diabetes has become an increasing problem in modern America. Because it is chiefly linked to obesity, as more people become overweight, and as the age of gaining weight reaches down into childhood, a largely preventable disease turns into […]

Deepak explains the law of attraction in terms of manifesting intentions from a field of pure potentiality, our own consciousness Follow Deepak on Twitter

Everyone, I think, wants a better future, even when troubled times arise and a better future seems far away. Our leaders are forced to keep their spirits up by promising a vision of the future – that’s how they stay […]

Deepak talks about the limitations of science in understanding consciousness. Follow Deepak on Twitter

Deepak talks about activating the force of negentropy as a part of spiritual healing. Negentropy is the opposite of the law of entropy which states that everything moves from a state of order to disorder. Negentropy is the source of […]

Deepak speaks about spiritual healing as a return to wholeness. When the mind experiences pure consciousness, then the body returns to biological  homeostasis, its state of self-repair.

By Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP  <!– Visualization is courtesy of The term “lifestyle disorder” had to be invented to describe hypertension.  Almost no aspect of daily life – diet, sleep, exercise, work, and stress – can be implicated.  Your […]