By Deepak Chopra and Annie B. Bond
The More Energy You Devote to Something, The More You Have
Here are a few steps that can cause the channels of energy to expand:
Learn to give. When you feel most like hoarding, turn to someone in need and offer some of what you possess in abundance. This doesn’t have to be money or goods. Time and attention can expand channels of energy more than cash.

Be generous. This means generous in praise and appreciation even more than generous with your money. Most people hunger for praise.
Follow your passion. Some area in your life makes you want to spend all your energy there. For most people, there’s a built-in inhibition about going too far.
Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (2004, Harmony Books).
Green Chi: The Truer Your Diet, The More in Tune You Will Be
With the eight steps to a true food diet you can cultivate the connection between plate and planet, and on a most basic cellular level, your body will begin to feel more in tune.
1. Eat local food
2. Eat a variety of food.
3. Aim for organic.
4. Eat lower on the food chain.
5. Eat fresh food.
6. Eat whole foods.
7. Stock your pantry.
8. Green your kitchen.
Adapted from True Food, by Annie B. Bond, Melissa Breyer, and Wendy Gordon (National Geographic, 2009).
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