Social injustice, poverty, ecological devastation. Can we repair these global problems?According to world-renowned author teacher and thinker Deepak Chopra, technology- and LinkedIn- has the potential to heal the planet in many ways, by fostering relationships.”I believe that technology is the manifestation of God through the human nervous system,” Deepak said. “The Internet is the new planetary mind. It’s not just connectivity. It’s nurturing relationships.”Deepak shared these insights, along with other ideas from his new book, The Soul Of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential For Greatness, at LinkedIn’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View.According to Gallup, 20 percent of the U.S. workforce is actively disengaged- costing the U.S. economy $380 billion a year. If you work in an environment where your colleague or your superior ignores you, your likelihood of getting disengaged goes up by 45 percent. But if colleague notices a single strength you have, your disengagement falls to less than 1 percent. The solution, Deepak says, is nurturing your colleagues. And that happens through connecting.Deepak contends that the best way to empower employees is to focus on their strengths. He cited Gallup research that shows that the four most important things people expect of their leaders are hope, compassion, trust and stability.Read full article at LinkenIn Deepak Chopra on Intent.comdeepakchopra.comFollow Deepak on Twitter

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