By Deepak Chopra and Annie B. Bond
Let Synchronicity be Normal
At truly synchronous moments, the universe is embracing you, and you see who you really are. Leaders are expected to produce results, so it’s not surprising that the greatest leaders share the secret of synchronicity. They rely on invisible powers to come to their aid. Your personal vision needs the same support, and you can learn to cultivate it. Miracles in your life indicate that you have a strong connection to your soul. Regard them as sudden leaps in your evolution. Once you expect synchronicity to be there when it is needed, it will be. Then you can pass the benefit on to everyone around you.

Adapted from The Soul of Leadership, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2011).
Let Natural Minerals Work for You
Minerals such as baking soda and washing soda are very alkaline and slightly abrasive, so they make great natural cleaners. If they are the right material for the job, they will always work if you use enough of the mineral and you allow it sufficient time to work. A great example is using just simple baking soda to clean the oven. It is hard to believe that it works, but try it and see! It has never failed me and it sure beats using toxic spray cleaners. Just sprinkle the bottom of the oven with baking soda until it looks like it has snowed about 1/8 of an inch, and spray it with water so that it is very damp. Let it set overnight and in the morning the grime will scoop out on a sponge in a flash. Rinse. That’s it!
Adapted from Better Basics for the Home, by Annie B. Bond (Three Rivers Press, 1999).

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