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It would be difficult to imagine a more eloquent and timely case for health care reform than the one being made by Barack Obama. He has staked his early presidency on fulfilling one of his major campaign promises. Everyone agrees […] Follow Deepak on Twitter Follow Deepak on Twitter

A new field of sociology is studying “social contagion,” a deeply mysterious phenomenon that could change everything we think about our behavior. We all experience how fads and trends work. Out of the blue, everybody seems to be doing something […]

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The rise of incivility in this country is a symptom of mass psychopathology. Groups of people see other groups of people behaving badly, and this gives them permission to behave badly themselves. The same thing happens in families. If one […] Follow Deepak on Twitter

Like most people, I was encouraged and energized by President Obama’s stirring speech to Congress last week. With rare candor, he told the truth about the three C’s of reform: costs, coverage, and character. The last C was the most […]

If you hear someone softly crying “I’m melting, I’m melting” in the distance, it’s not the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz but Fox News. One must listen through the din of hysteria that dominates almost every program. The […]