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Here’s my favorite celebrity encounter story. As residents of LA, on average we see one or two recognizable celebrities a week, most often in the Wholefoods down the street or the Starbucks a few blocks from our house. There are certain A-listers who if you time it right, you can catch them dropping their kids off at the school down the street or picking up their dry-cleaining at the same place we go.
As I also work in the “industry,” I also collaborate or have worked/met with some of the biggest of the big. I mean the guys who draw $20 million a film. My wife and I get invited to big movie premieres and the occasional after-party where we talk shop with the aforementioned movie star. But here’s the truth, my wife and I don’t really get starstruck. Not sure if it’s we’re just used to it, or know some of these people too well to idolize them, or are immune to it because of the way so many people go gaga over my dad. Whatever.
Still there was one time i’ll never forget when my wife abasolutely swooned in the presence of a movie star. I mean knees buckling, voice stammering, eyes-batting, could not hold her @#$% together starstruck. Not Brad Pitt, not George Clooney, not Tom Cruise, Denzel, Bruce Wayne, Gladiator, or any of the other usual suspects. No we’re talking the BIGGEST movie star in the world ladies and gents, Bollywood sensation SHAH RUKH KHAN.
Yeah, the same guy Newark New Jersey Customs officials detained yesterday for several hours on account of Shah Rukh having the same last name as some dude on a terror watchlist somewhere.
Quickly, first the story.
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