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These days, even the good days are pretty bad. This past week, by all objective accounts, I had a great week. Two comic books that I created got picked up to be developed as television shows. I was advised to […]

The health care crisis in this country is a monster, like one of those mythical giant squids that could grab a sailing vessel, wrap its tentacles around it, and pull it to the bottom of the sea. President Obama’s message […]

There’s not much debate about the continuing oppression of women in many, if not most, traditional societies and their modern offshoots. The important question, as the Buddha noted long ago, isn’t why the house is on fire but how to […]

It’s been roughly twenty years since the fall of the Soviet Union, which means that the U.S. has experienced two decades of being the world’s sole superpower. The experience hasn’t been positive. Under the sway of neocon ambitions, in particular, […]

The confirmation hearings for Judge Sotomayor are a foregone conclusion, with the dust raised by Republicans barely masking the bald fact that the Democratic majority can vote in whomever they want. In any case, a ritual that resembles liar’s poker […]

I wanted to share a story about Euna Lee, who along with Laura Ling, has been held in N. Korea for 4 months.  As a mother, the story has been haunting me since I heard it.   It haunts me because I can […]

On his visit to Moscow, President Obama carried more than an olive branch. He urged Russia to join the global community, which may be more important even than healing the mess that George Bush made of Russian-American relations. From the […]

The last time I spoke to my friend Michael Jackson was about a month ago, 3 weeks before his shocking death. He had called me late one night to ask about another of my close friends who he had read […]

Firefighters and the Simmering Race Problem When you first look at it, the lawsuit brought by eighteen white firefighters against the city of New Haven doesn’t seem relevant to everybody’s daily life. But it is. The central dispute in the […]