Sankalpa is the subtlest level of intention at the cusp of choiceless awareness and thought. It is like the seed structure of intelligence around which time, space, and matter consolidate into a manifested event. The fundamental mechanics of intention manifesting into reality is based on the principle that intent in the field of pure potentiality organizes its own fulfillment through the synchronicity of space, time, energy, information, and matter.
Sankalpa is the subtlest form of intention in the field of pure potentiality. In the infinite consciousness Brahaman holds the whole universe in his consciousness through sankalpa. It is sankalpa that holds together the web of sutras that uphold all life and interdependently and synchronistically co-arise as space-time events in the entire cosmos. When the individual sankalpa is aligned with cosmic sankalpa it orchestrates the infinite organizing power of the entire universe so that the individual intention becomes the cosmic intention and the cosmic intention becomes the individual intention.

All creation begins with sankalpa. In pure consciousness [In Sanskrit – para ] there is the first stirring of sankalpa [pashyanti] this evolves into thought [madhyama] and speech [vaikhari] finally leading to that action which is evolutionary. An individual who is established in Being can harness the power of sankalpa to bring about the spontaneous fulfillment of any desire. As the Upanishads state “You are your deepest desire” [sankalpa].
As is your desire so is your intention. As is your intention so is your will. As is your will so is your deed. As is your deed so is your destiny.
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