As it takes a village to raise a child, it will take many villages to begin healing the planet. We will need greener homes, greener schools and greener hospitals. Not only that, we will also need more recycling centers, organic supermarkets, community gardens, public transportation, green initiatives on our state ballots and countless other things that can only be built from a community level.  

 When we start thinking as a community, our combined forces have a dramatically larger impact on the world than that of a single individual. I spoke with green author Nancy H. Taylor, who is the author of “Go Green: Building an Earth-Friendly Community” and teaches a course on “The Art of Green Living and Building.” She is also currently working with a committee to draw up green building-outlines for her hometown of Jackson, Wyoming, where she will be applying many of the principles outlined in “Go Green.”   

Listen to Nancy speak about her personal inspiration to live a greener life, and how you, too, can participate in greening your home and the community that you live in. No matter what city or town you are a part of, ultimately we are all in this together.  

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