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We all agree that we need to do a better job conserving our planet’s limited resources, but where do you begin? Here are 10 simple suggestions that will help you get green into your workout routine without much effort at …Read More

Perhaps in no other category of food preparation than dessert does the light of vegan cuisine shine so brightly. Visit your local health food store or pick up a vegan cookbook to discover the bounty of rich and decadent sweets …Read More

Here is a recipe that is typically made with animal products. This is for a hearty main course from our book Vegan Fusion World Cuisine that will satisfy omnivores and vegans alike. Shepherd’s Pie 45 min prep / 1 hour …Read More

For our first podcast interview of our exclusive “30 Days to a Greener You” series, I have the honor and privilege of introducing to all of you award-winning green journalist and Intent Voice blogger Simran Sethi–who also happens to be …Read More

A new poll has brought some welcome news. When asked, “Do you think the country is headed in the right direction?” more responders say yes than no. This is in stark contrast to the latter stages of the Bush administration, …Read More

Drinking bottled water is a huge waste of finite resources, a source of pollution and a waste of money. Yet, millions of Americans continue to buy bottled water. If you are buying bottled water because you are afraid of the …Read More

Are you intimidated by doing yoga. I am! I realized today that it has been over 3 years since I took a yoga class. I blogged about my last yoga class on October 4, 2005! The original blog is below… …Read More

How would you respond to radical Muslim clerics in northwest Pakistan — now under Islamic law — who are calling for expansion of Islamic law across the entire federal republic of Pakistan? Should any nation be governed by religious rules? …Read More

Last week, a blog I wrote entitled 1500 Farmers Commit Suicide: A Wake Up Call for Humanity was virally shared online, and was the featured story on the home page of Huffington Post. Referencing a story from The Independent that …Read More

I’m calling all my friends on Earth Day to just remind them that the earth is recycling in our bodies. Through our rivers and waters are our circulation, its atmosphere is our breath, its trees are our lungs. We call …Read More