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According to news reports that came in last week, the Dalai Lama was denied a visa from the South Africa government to attend a peace conference in Johannesburg that would have been attended by five other Nobel Peace prize winners. …Read More

President Obama is meeting with resistance to some of his biggest and most daring plans for change. He repeats over and over that he is open to suggestions from all sides. When the Republicans balked at his current budget, he …Read More

Emotional turbulence interferes with emotional well being and initiative. Fear, anger, guilt and anxiety are deviations from natural condition of balance and stand in the way of spiritual evolution. Restoring balance can be evolutionary in itself. Patients suffering from life …Read More

Satan is losing the battle for people’s minds. This is a clear trend, and it’s been mounting for a long time. The basic reason is that evil has gotten a lot of competition. Are schizophrenics possessed by the Devil? Raise …Read More

America’s safety net is fraying, and that’s a problem, because it was an invisible net to begin with. The issue of safety nets isolates us in the world. We don’t like to think that we are a cruel, careless, or …Read More

Be the Change Community Outreach Program Tampa, Florida February 6th, 2009Deepak Chopra – Poetry readingUnity Consciousness – Tagorefeaturing:Ann Marie Calhoun – Violin http://annmariecalhoun.comFred Johnson Vocalist and PercussionHigh Definition Video Production by

People are incredibly angry these days. The governing class in America fears a “populist backlash,” as the New York Times dubbed it. They are worried that if ordinary Americans get mad enough, they will derail recovery plans. But this isn’t …Read More

The future feels uncertain right now, but we may be able to glimpse it through a child’s blue sweater. The child, a little girl, wore the same blue sweater to school every day. She loved it because of the African …Read More