Deepak Chopra and Intent

Dear Friends,
The Wall Street Journal recently published an article critical on some comments that I made on CNN and at the same time made some derogatory and personal attacks. Both I and my son, Gotham Chopra, responded and Wall Street Journal has agreed to publish our responses this Friday. In the meanwhile, we are posting our responses in our entirety here and on the Huffington Post. Here is mine:
To the Editors,
I think it does a disservice to the Wall Street Journal’s integrity to run personal attacks of the kind directed against me by Dorothy Rabinowitz. Since your newspaper whole-heartedly cheered on the disastrous war in Iraq, I can understand why you continue to mount a rear guard action in defense of the Bush administration’s approach to militant Islam.
That approach involves unilateral militant aggression without the slightest care for the effect being made on the vast majority of peaceful Muslims. Now that the right wing can no longer continue this discredited policy overtly, Ms. Rabinowitz and her ilk have adopted a fall-back position. Attack anyone who suggests a new way.
I stand by my remarks and have full confidence that the Obama administration will adopt a “root cause” approach of the kind I endorsed. The very thing Ms. Rabinowitz derides is our best hope for peace.
Deepak Chopra
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