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The family of a 10-year-old boy who was shot 6 times, including two times in the head, is praising God for the boy’s recovery one month after the incident. The boy, Cody John Olson, was shot outside of his home in a mobile home community in Denton, Texas, outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area on July 4th. The boy was with his mother when his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Travis Rollins, allegedly approached the home and fired at the two victims, then entered the home and fired additional rounds before getting into his white pickup and driving off. Rollins was later found by Duncanville police later that evening on an unrelated charge. A police affidavit stated, “Rollins was found to have a firearm in his possession at the time of arrest….in a white Ford pickup with no tailgate, as described by witnesses on the scene. Spent shell casings were seen in the bed of the truck'” According to police, Rollins has a history of aggravated assault. Rollins’s bail was set at $1.1 million total, $500,000 each for aggravated assault against Cody and his mother and $100,000 for the unrelated charge.

Cody’s mother was not hurt in the attack, but Cody had been shot twice in the head and once in his foot, hip, forearm, and abdomen. Cody was rushed to Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth with his injuries. Cody’s grandmother, Vickie Cross, spoke to the news about seeing her grandson’s condition. “To see him in that bed being kept alive with machines, not able to communicate, get up and play like other kids this summer. He didn’t deserve this.” Her husband and Cody’s grandfather, Michael Cross, added, “It’s a miracle that he made it here. He’s fighting for his life. He’s got tubes in him all over, and if he survives, we have no idea what his quality of life will be.” 

A month after the incident, his grandparents are much more hopeful. “He’s able to shake his head ‘yes’ or ‘no,” Vickie reported. “He can give a thumbs up or down. The nurses said he helped move onto his side.” Although he hasn’t been able to speak, he has been able to open his injured eye and has more mobility in one arm. His grandparents reported that he could remain hospitalized for a year. Both express their gratitude to God. “I’ve reassured him, ‘Gigi knows you’re in there, and we know you understand this, and we’re going to protect you, and you’re going to get better. And by the Grace of God, he’s still here,” said Vickie. She added, “As Michael said if this doesn’t move you to believe in God and miracles, I don’t know what will.”

The family has a GoFundme started to raise funds for Cody’s medical bills. A recent update from August 6th showed pictures of the boy in the hospital. “He’s my Superman because this 10-year-old boy has been touched by the hand of God!” Michael wrote. “Cody John responds to my voice, and he makes eye contact.” He celebrated that Cody was able to eat with a spoon and move his right arm. Please be in my prayers for Cody and his family while he recovers in the hospital.     

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