Kyrie Jones was walking her dog in Des Moines, Iowa when she rescued her neighbor’s two-year-old son from falling out of a second-story window. At 33 weeks pregnant, Jones had taken her dog, Prince, outside for a walk before disaster struck. Walking back towards her townhome, she noticed a window screen and PlayStation controller lying on the ground outside her neighbor’s house. Not thinking anything of it, she began walking in her house until she heard a loud noise and saw her neighbor’s two-year-old son throwing things out of their second-story window. “Go get mommy!” said Jones to the boy, but unfortunately, he didn’t listen. Jones was worried that she was unintentionally encouraging the boy to lean further out of the window, so she ran to the front door of her neighbor’s house, ringing the doorbell and hoping to get the child’s mother’s attention.

Jones immediately called the police, and by the time she ran back to the second-story window, the toddler had fallen and was hanging on the edge above the concrete. Jones screamed for help, but nobody came. After a minute passed, the boy lost his grip and fell into Jones’ arms. “He kind of hit my belly a little bit,” she told KCCI. “I think the adrenaline kicked in, and I didn’t feel anything.” Thankfully, Jones only suffered a few bruises on her thighs. “His Pamper fell off, so I wrapped him up in my housecoat, and within two minutes, two or three minutes, the cops showed up.” At 33 weeks pregnant, Jones heroically saved the child’s life. “I am just glad I was there at the right time,” Jones said through tears. “I can’t imagine what it would have been like to walk out a couple of minutes later and see a baby on the concrete.”

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