The 60-year-old was placed on a ventilator and appeared to be facing death but God had other plans for her, she said.

Barbara Killiebrew, 60, had been hospitalized at Coffee Regional Medical Center in Douglas, GA since March 18.

As she battled with COVID-19, she was placed on a ventilator to stay alive.

“I felt in my mind and my heart that I was coming back to them,” Killiebrew told WALB. “I was fighting, I was fighting for my life.”

Yet, God had other plans, she said.

“First and foremost, I thank God for Jesus, for him saving my life and giving me another chance because two or three times where I have given up, God said no,” she said.

It took a lot of fight but Killiebrew eventually recovered. When I was time to leave the hospital, the Coffee County Sherriff’s Office arrived to formally escort her home.

The Georgia resident received a hero’s escort home.

“The sheriff and everything got together, blocked the roads off and I was thinking to myself, it could have been a funeral but instead, God has it turned around for a celebration,” said Killiebrew.

Killiebrew wsn’t able to see her daughter for several days after she tested positive for COVID-19 but she said she never felt alone.

“I realize there are so many people around the nation fighting for their life but God and his good almighty helped me. He kept this young lady here to come home and tell about corona, COVID-19,” Killiebrew said.

We continue to pray for those who are fighting for their lives and those who have lost their lives at the hands of COVID-19.

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