Have you ever wondered what life will be like once you enter into your golden years? Well, rest assure, there is a lot to look forward to once you go over the hill. A survey commissioned by Rivera Travel says that adults over the age of 55 are much happier and content with life than younger adults.

If you think about it like this, older adults post retirement have a lot more free time then younger-/middle aged adults. The survey found that 69% of older adults said they finally had time to do all the activities they may have put off in prior years; whenever they wanted. They are spending time enjoying hobbies and traveling without being tied down to the pressures of a work life.

Older adults have more time to focus on self-care, both mentally and physically, which contributes greatly to high spirits. 74% of the survey’s participants work out regularly each week, and 20% get in the gym at least once a month. Physical activity contributes to longevity, and continuing to be active after a certain age doesn’t just add years to life; it adds life to years!  While it’s expected for people to slow down with age, older adults are finding themselves far from being sedentary.

Life doesn’t stop after you reach a certain age, it actually gets better. 72% of older adults are comfortable with their age, 64% are content in life, and 53% have never felt more confident.  You can look forward to being able to spend more time with loved ones, the opportunity to pursue longtime dreams, a more seasoned outlook on life, and not to mention the senior discounts. You understand there is no need to sweat the small stuff and choose to replace worry with mindfulness. You are rewarded for the many years of hard work with a chance to truly unwind and reflect on the wonderful life you created for yourself.

If you find yourself struggling with the fears or anxiety of getting older, remind yourself of all the life there is to come. Getting older doesn’t signal the end of anything, but the beginning of a new life.

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