Parents are usually proud of their children when they take their first steps, but for Lovely Johnson, it made her daughter her hero.

The texas mother watched in awe recently as her 6-year-old daughter, Love, with cerebral palsy was able to take her first steps without any help.

Love, who suffers from the congenital disorder that affects movement, muscle tone, or posture, decided she would try to walk on her own without a walker or her braces — and luckily, Johnson was recording the successful attempt.

“This moment felt like a dream come true,” Johnson said. “I looked at her the way I looked at her when I gave birth to her. My heart was racing. I saw how excited my daughter was, and I knew a new chapter was about to begin.”

For the first three years of Love’s life, her family and doctor just though she was developing a bit behind schedule, until the found out to cerebral palsy at age four. She was given a wheelchair and walker in 2018. She wasn’t able to walk without assistance.

“She decided to get up and try walking without her walker and braces,” Johnson, who lives in Austin, Texas, wrote on Facebook. “My hero is not someone older than me, it’s my 6-year-old princess.”

It was a very sepcial moment for Love, too.

“Mom, I can now walk like the other kids,” Love told her mom after the camera stopped filming.

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