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18-year-old Levi Jones is employed at a local Chick-Fil-A in Columbus, GA. He is an ordinary teenager, however he’s also a strong follower of Christ.

So when he recently saw a hungry homeless man hanging around outside his restaurant, he didn’t chase him off or call the police. Instead, Jones gave the struggling man a meal – and his own shoes, too.

“Walter was sitting under that tree right there, kind of slumped over. He had his eyes closed, looked very tired,” Jones told WRBL-TV. “I went over to him. God led me over there to speak to him. I asked him how he was doing, if I can get him any food. I noticed he didn’t have on any shoes on his feet. The Lord told me to give my shoes to him and that’s exactly what I did.”

Jones says he asked God if his shoes would fit the man in need, and Jones felt God saying that he was being called to help the homeless man. They, in fact, were the same shoe size.

After helping the man and giving him a fresh meal, Jones returned back to work without shoes. Management was kind enough to give Jones shoes that were available, but they were four sizes too big. Jones didn’t complain though. He knew he had done the right thing.

Todd Kalish, the operator of the Chick-fil-A, said Jones’ actions mirrored those of Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy.

“Truett told us always obey your kindhearted impulses,” Kalish told WRBL.

Jones says when the Lord tells him to move he does just that.

“I love Jesus and as His son. I’m called to live and walk just like Jesus did on the earth. Jesus hung around homeless people. He took care of people, loved on people, blessed people wherever He went and so I just wanna walk as my Father which is Jesus Christ walked and live that out every single day of my life,” says Jones.

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