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God pointed this officer to the exact location of a missing baby. He praises God for leading him to the child.

Deputy Ross Jessop and U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Nick Scholz had an important mission: to locate a missing 5-month-old baby buried in the woods alive more than 9 hours before. When the two heard a faint voice that evening, they raced toward the sound.

Francis Crowley, who was under the influence of both methamphetamine and bath salts, crashed his car while driving along a game trail in the Lolo National Forrest. Crowley admitted to officers that he’d left the baby behind when the child became too heavy to carry. While he promised to lead them back to the crash site, he offered little help in his condition.

“Walking into this situation, you were mentally prepared for the worst,” Officer Scholz said. “I remember Ross almost stepping on this little pile of sticks.”

The officers believe divine intervention led them to the exact spot on the mountainside. The child was hidden beneath a small pile of sticks. Deputy Jessop’s fatherly instincts immediately took over.

“I abandoned any police training or any chance of saving evidence there – I didn’t care,” Deputy Jessop said. He is a father of three and reacted as any father likely would.

“I saw this little tiny child. My father instincts kicked in and I scooped him up, we swaddled him in a down coat and I gave him kisses on his forehead,” Deputy Jessop said. “I looked at him and I couldn’t thank the Lord, Jesus, enough! I was just so happy.”

Deputy Jessop acknowledges that the job can be emotionally draining, but this particular rescue offered him so much encouragement.

“To experience this, to have God help me, let me experience something like this, just gives me an extra boost,” Deputy Jessop said.

The baby is safe now thanks to these incredible law enforcement officers. Praise God!

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