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I thought I was out of wedding season, but after New Years, I found many friends getting engaged and planning their nuptials. I see lots of bridal magazines, countdowns and conversations about the many, many different shades of white. My Facebook page glitters with smiling couples and flashy rings.

They know something good is about to happen, and because of that, there’s so much expectancy in the air.

It’s a fun way to live — daydreaming, yet making solid plans to make that dream a reality. It changes the way you think and behave every day. When you know something great is coming, it changes your future and your present.

“I dwell in Possibility” ~ Emily Dickinson

What would happen if you believed in a bright future? That your business would take off or you’ll meet a great guy? How differently would you act today if you knew a miracle is coming tomorrow?

I challenge you to be an optimist. Even if you can only muster it up for a day, pretend with me that your biggest, boldest dream is fully capable of happening and will in the days and months to come. Why not? I mean, seriously, what has being cynical ever done for you?

Being expectant adds excitement to your life. It adds sparkle to dull, mundane tasks. Just knowing that better days are ahead makes today a bit more worthwhile. Best of all, it gives you hope, and hope usually brings happiness along for the ride.

Live with expectancy. Be miracle-ready. You’ll wake up in the morning and blush like a bride-to-be at all the goodness that’s coming your way.

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