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Last week, I asked you dear readers to share with me how you met your Valentines. What an overwhelming response! Counting Facebook friends, I had at least 100 stories. Some of them almost made me cry. You’ve had romance worthy of a Hollywood movie.

I have a special feature on Beliefnet (True Life Love Stories: ‘How I Met My Sweetheart’), but I wanted to share even more here on The Inspiration Report. Check out these whirlwind romances!

“When we were in high school, my best friend invited me to her AP biology study group. It was our senior year in high school. She introduced me to Art. We locked eyes and I felt an excitement. There was definitely a connection. He happened to choose the same college as I did, so we began our friendship that grew over our freshman year in college. We were dating by sophomore year and engaged one year later and then married within two years! We were friends first and ended up falling in love! We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this past December.” – Kathleen


“I met my valentine on a blind date that I fought going on for almost 4 months before relenting and making my friend that was setting this all up promise he would quit bugging me about it. After I met him I tried to find anything and everything that I could to not like him, but he made that task very difficult for me. After that first date, he decided that he would like me to teach him English everyday. About a week and a half later, we both knew this would be a lifetime together. It has been almost 15 years since we met and will be celebrating out 12th anniversary on the 13th of April. What a lucky girl I am to have found what I did not want to find.” – Stephanie


“My husband Douglas and I met at work. I had edited his chapter in a book and was pleasantly delighted at how well he wrote, unlike his colleagues. He was surprised I had made changes while I was surprised at his surprise as I had made very few. Each of us later said (we were in our late twenties/early thirties) we had expected the other one to be at least in their 60s and possibly crochety. Happily we found our initial expectations were wrong and went on to discover much in common, including our Valentine’s Day birthdays and being history majors in college! Now, 37 years later, we are in late sixties/seventy, still delighted to be together, and still happy we share a Valentine’s birthday and were both history majors!” – Judith


“I met my valentine when she was cutting the grass next to my brother’s home on a hot July evening in San Jose, CA. That big smile and beautiful legs caught my eyes, and I walked over to make conversation. That conversation is still going on today after 45 years.” – Lucio

For more, check out my post here and also read True Life Love Stories: ‘How I Met My Sweetheart’. Happy Valentine’s Day! May this day and every day hold more love than you can handle.

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