Inspiration Report

Belief makes things real
Makes things feel…
Belief makes things true
Things like you

~Gavin DeGraw, “Belief”

In this new year of simplicity, I’m beginning to realize that so much of our thoughts and feelings come from one central place: our belief.

It’s true. Take a look at yourself. Your attitudes, actions, the friends you choose, the enemies you fear, the way you love and the way you withhold… it all flows out of your belief system. And I don’t necessarily mean your religious faith. I’m talking about what you truly believe about who you are.

Do you believe you’re good enough?

Do you believe that you can be happy?

Do you believe that you are loved?

Do you believe that your prayers are being heard?

Do you believe that you really don’t need to worry about your future… and you don’t need to regret your past?

You can surround yourself with encouragement and inspiration, but if it’s not inside of you — if it’s not part of your belief — then it will never change the way you live. So be encouraged today to reexamine your beliefs. Believe that you’re special. Believe that you’re blessed. Believe that your future is brighter than the sun.

“Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23

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