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“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

In this new year of simplicity, I am confronted by an old, pesky foe: fear. When I peel back the layers of what I believe about myself, I’m discovering just how much of a say it had in my most erroneous thinking… and I know I’m not alone.

How often has the fear of failure (or even success) hindered you from pursuing your dreams?

How many relationships (romantic and otherwise) have failed in your life because a fear of rejection and heartache kept you from opening up?

When has fear of the unknown kept you stagnant?

To me, there’s no greater adversary in this world than fear, because it plagues us all in some way or another and whispers lies that get us off track. And worst yet, it’s so often much ado about nothing. I can’t remember the statistics, but I know that the vast majority of things we fret over in this life never come true or are not nearly as life-threatening and unbearable as we initially thought.

I’m going to blog about this further, but for today, check out this Big Think video I found on YouTube called “Fear is the Mind-Killer”.

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