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What centers you? What’s the one activity that brings you back to yourself?

I have a few. I love to pray. I love to run. Even the thought of a Sunday afternoon at my favorite coffeehouse with a book calms me. However, I am most myself when I am cooking.

My poor Facebook friends both enjoy and grimace with hunger when I post pictures of my latest kitchen creations. To me, there’s no better way to unwind after work or spend a Saturday afternoon. At every possible moment, I don an apron, break out my cookbooks and get lost in ingredients. And while most times, I enjoy what I’ve cooked, it’s the act of cooking that is most rewarding.

Our days can sometimes be consumed with a lot necessary duties that we don’t want to do. You sit in traffic, pay bills, coordinate family schedules… I hope you find those bright spots in your day when you can come back to yourself and what you love.

Moscato Poached Pear

Moscato Poached Pear

By the way, the recipe for the lovely dish featured here can be found at Fifteen Spatulas.

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