Inspiration Report

The gifts are unwrapped. Family members are packing up and going home. Christmas is officially over. And now the last piece of the holiday season is coming into place: New Year’s.

I love this dark week of December. Chances are you’re off of work or so few people are in the office that you have a lot of time to yourself to reflect. News programs are talking about their top stories. Everyone is putting out their “Best of” lists. Everyone is remembering 2011.

I was looking over old status updates on Facebook the other day. It’s interesting reading all my thoughts over the course of a year in one sitting. It read like a novel that I would call Lost & Found. I left a job, found a new one. Lost a few friends, gained a ton more. Suffered heartbreak that gave way to a new (far better) relationship. Seems like every time a good thing walked out the door, it passed something better on its way in.

I felt the need to apologize for my bouts of pessimism. Turns out that 2011 was far kinder to me than I realized.

Tell me your story. If 2011 was a novel of your life, what would the title be? As the hero in your tale, what did you learn this year about yourself?

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