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I’ve been going through a rough patch lately. Yes, even your fearless Inspiration Editor has hard times sometimes.

In small efforts to feel better, last week, I took a long walk home for lunch and then had a good cry – two highly recommended activities to do if you’re feeling down, by the way. When I dried my tears, I went into the kitchen to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They don’t call it comfort food for nothing.

I knew I couldn’t continue letting my worries get the best of me. So I concentrated very hard on the task at hand. As I smoothed the peanut butter over the bread, I whispered to myself, “There’s nothing sad about making a sandwich.”

In a similar fashion, I also washed a few dishes. I paid attention to every spoon and fork and cleaned them intently thinking, ‘There’s nothing sad about washing dishes.’ I was beginning to feel better.

It’s called mindfulness. It’s the conscious effort to be fully present in the moment. Your mind is on exactly what is before you. You’re not distracted nor are you doing one thing but thinking about something else. It’s a marvelous tool for many reasons, but one of which is that it keeps your mind from wandering to dangerous places.

You see, when you’re upset about something you can’t fix, your mind can drift into worrying and stay there. You’ll think circles around your circumstances and get yourself all worked up. However, if you’re mindful, your mind is only about one thing and that’s what you’re doing right now. Whether it’s making a sandwich or washing dishes, that’s all you’re thinking about. And there’s nothing sad or upsetting about either of those activities. Thus, you stay present and your emotions stay with you.

Sometimes, life is hard and you can’t do anything about it.You just have to wait out the rainy days until the sun shines again. So instead of allowing sad emotions to paralyze you, get moving with your day and be mindful of every moment. You’ll find relief from your pain and joy in the smallest things.

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