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Remember the original Nintendo gaming consoles? They were a bulky gray box with an opening for the cartridges and two buttons: one for power, one for reset. If you hit reset, the game would stop wherever it was and automatically go back to the beginning. Nothing would be saved and in a blink you were at the opening credits of the game.

I had a messy day yesterday — one of those days where I wanted access to a reset button.

Generally, I do a good job of not flying off the handle. I know when to be quiet. However, if you catch me at the wrong moment or if I’m feeling anxious, whatever is in my head flies right out of my mouth. There were at least six sentences I truly regret saying that lead to a day of awkwardness and unsettled feelings. It didn’t take long for me to wish I could take it all back.

Really could have used a reset, you know? Just hit the button, go back to start, and do and say everything differently.

Unfortunately, we don’t have reset buttons in real life. Once our words and actions go out into the atmosphere, they’re out there. There’s no take-backs. No do-overs. Sounds depressing, but actually it can be a good thing. When we mess up, it gives us a tremendous opportunity to do our best to make things right.

You hit reset when you swallow your pride and apologize. Showing empathy and grace to others is a way to reset. Give the gift of mercy to someone who’s made a mistake and watch the entire situation change. We have so many tools to clean up the messes we’ve made and give ourselves a second chance.

Grace and mercy are the reset buttons on life. Use them generously with everyone you meet and especially with the ones you love.

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